9 bedroom property available for rent in Goderich.

$27,000 Per Year


This is a two level house which can be used as a family home or separated into two apartments. The bottom apartment has four bedrooms and the top apartment has five bedrooms. Two and a half baths on the bottom floor and three and a half on the top floor.

The compound is very spacious and can park up to ten vehicles. Backyard has abundant space as well as a back house which contains two bedrooms and a kitchenette.

Also contains a generator house.

The property is situated just off Milton Margai College Road and has easy access to the beaches around the peninsula. Good quality schools are also in the area.

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Additional Details

  • Amenities
    Close to Schools, Hospitals
  • Entertainment
    Some good restaurants in the area as well as good bars such as Pash & Mash
  • Generator
    27kvA diesel generator available
  • More info
    Back house which contains two bedrooms and a kitchenette also on property

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