An Executive House with 7 rooms to Let at Regent Road – Malama, Lumley

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▪ A ‘two – floor’ house of 1¼ town lot size with modern accessories all inside a well secured perimeter fence of standard height; fitted
with Razor Wires, Broken Glasses and Security Lights. Compound is well paved with ‘Concrete – Rich’ Roman Designer’s Bricks that
conveniently accommodate Heavy Duty vehicles. Main Street outside the main gate also paved to enhance smooth driving ‘into and
out’ of the compound. Compound is large enough to accommodate ‘Fire Assembly Point’ and ‘Household Refuse Collection Point’.

▪ First Floor have 2 self- contained rooms [one of which is master bedroom] each with its own veranda and TV cable outlets plus 2 other
rooms with 1 shared toilet, a private sitting room, private kitchen, a big common veranda and an Emergency Exit Step. Additional
facilities for master bedroom include: jaquzee bathtub, private study room, Medical First-Aid Corner, and private Safe Room.

▪ Ground floor has 2 self-contained rooms, 1 non-self-contained room, 1 Common Toilet, main Sitting Room, common Dining Room
with hand wash facility, big kitchen with store, 3 verandas and spacious hallway. Main Kitchen very spacious, fully tiled with marble
slabs in-built with burners, high tech ‘fire-proof’ Aluminum Cupboards in mimic of ‘walnut designed wood’, heater socket already
fitted with water heater. Water system quite in place. Kitchen very suitable for large scale food preparation.

▪ A ‘walnut designed’ Wooden Closets affixed with dressing mirrors installed in 6 out of the 7 rooms.

▪ Materials for Electrical and water systems are strictly of British and European standard. Entire House is fully Air-Conditioned with
brand new Japan SHARP Brand fitted in all Bedrooms, both Sitting Rooms, Study Room and Hallway.

▪ All Toilet Seats of ‘S-Trap’ Design (not the predominant ‘P-Trap’ Design in Sierra Leone). This is rendering all toilets to be less likely
for clogging / blockages. Water heaters fitted in all toilets except the general ground floor toilet and ‘stand-alone’ outside toilet. All
toilets fitted with Standard Bathroom /Toilet Accessories; have provision for Shower Cottons and to hang Towels and wearing.

▪ Original Foundation height of 9 Risers from front view and 3 Risers from rear view which can stand the test of erosion flood should
there emerge very prolonged or abnormal rains. Drainage Network designed for fast discharge of both surface and pipe water.

▪ All floor and wall tiles are first class. All steps have ‘grip lined’ tiles to enhance grip and prevent fall-off.

▪ Ground floor bricks are laid on bed and not on edge to provide soundproof and personal security.

▪ Protected and highly productive Borehole of 80 meters deep that oozes pure aquifer water. Standard Water Column is 1,500 liters
which when pumped out recharges for 12 hours in the dries and 10 hours in the rains. 1,300 Liters is pumped out at a time which
pumping normally takes about 8 minutes.

▪ 3 Transparent Water Tanks with a cumulative volume of 13,000 Liters all mounted on top of individual Towers and all supplied from
the Bore Hole. Water levels in the tanks can easily be seen and monitored.

▪ A Laundry House designed with modern functional capability. Inside the Laundry fitted with 2 giant washers with dual capability for
instant washing and drying. Additional fittings include concrete tiled slab for sorting and ironing of clothes, Wooden Hangers and
detachable Shelve Unit to accommodate dozens of prepared clothes at any given time.

▪ A standard Generator House with size & complete connection to accommodate at least 150KVA Generator. A 3-Phase EDSA Meter
long-installed in the Generator House and fully operational.

▪ A 2 rooms External Toilet with showers for male & female. A Standard Security Post. Fire Extinguishers fitted in all strategic locations
including the Generator House, Kitchens, and Hallway.

▪ A Barbeque Peace Hut with well fitted ‘Chef Corner’ and ‘Hand Wash’ Facility in the main hall. In front the hut is a heavenly Carpet Garden decorated with Ornament Flowers, tiled Slab, stand-alone Water Tap, young trees of Coconut, Pear and Guava all designed to
host small parties, meetings & for out-door resting. Species of beautiful birds visit the Carpet Garden and Flowers every morning.

▪ Total parking space that can conveniently accommodate at least 12 vehicles (in the make of Land Cruisers). An Iron-Sheet Canopy for
protection of 4 vehicles against weather hazards.

▪ Flash view areas are ‘flower-decorated’ with Ornament flowers collected from 13 colorful species planted along the perimeter fence in
three areas within and outside.

▪ Perimeter fence well secured; environment is conservative and none- crowdy.

▪ Road access relatively good, no climbing of hill to walk or drive to the house, and location about 300 meters away from main Regent Road.

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