Tenant’s Guide to Renting Property in Sierra Leone

Renting a property can be in Sierra Leone can be an exhausting experience, but we can help make it easier. We need as much details about your requirements as possible. Please note that we need to know your budget range and are unable to commence any search without this information.

Our fees

Should we successfully find you a property there is a finder’s fee of 8-10%. We do not charge registration fees but do require you register so we have a record of your requirements. The more we know about your property requirement the better we can assist you.


  • Work with reputable agents – ideally, registered businesses. It is not unusual for individuals to attempt renting a property for which they are not legally permitted to do so.
  • Always provide as much information about your requirements.
  • Give an idea of your budget. Many people are reluctant to do this but we require it, as it eliminates a lot of time-wasting for both parties.
  • Be willing to be flexible (especially if you are on a budget). Know what you would be willing to compromise on and what you would not. For example, you might be willing to compromise on the quality of the access road, but not for decent water supply or security.
  • Go to the property more than one occasion. Drive past at night to check out the neighbourhood
  • There is no such thing as a purely residential neighbourhood so enquire whether there are churches or mosques in the area as some have external loudspeakers which may be an issue for some tenants
  • Be patient, but as soon as you find something you like, grab it.

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