Modernized 2 Bedroom Flats for Rent at Lumley Beach Road

$30,000 Negotiable


This property is looking for tenants. This property is located on the main road of Lumley Beach and is in close proximity to Atlantic Lumley Hotel, Sierra Palms Resort, Chinatown, and New York Pizza and it is just a stone’s throw from the beach. It about 3-5 mins to access the Lumley market and it is easy to get to the Aberdeen community where the Sea Coach Water Taxis are located.

Each flat is fully furnished with all bills inclusive. All apartments have 2 bedrooms each en-suite with an open plan, living and dining, kitchen, guest toilet and balconies. The ground floor has an extra space in this flat that can use as a game room, office space, or even as a guest room that is up to the tenants. There are nicely done wooden carvings in each of the flats. Each of the flats has an open plan so they could be rearranged to the tenant’s desire.

The flats on the upper level have balconies for each room and sliding shutters for extra protection for the rooms facing the beach. There are guest toilets in each flat. There are kitchens in each flat they come with cookers, kettles, boilers, freezers/fridges, shelf space, washing machines, etc.

The compound is paved and with flowers at the front end of the gate. There is a guard dog in the compound it belongs to a tenant. There is 24-hour security personnel and a CCTV camera. The compound can accommodate over 15+ cars. There are 4 water tanks in the compound, with a water capacity of 16,000 litres. There is a backup generator that powers the house. The landlord provides gas, water, wifi and it’s included in the annual rent including garbage collection.

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